Pro Bono Representation

Facing a $1 million budget shortfall due to chronic underfunding and combined shortages and cuts at the state and local levels, OPD is again short of necessary funding and resources to provide consitutionally-mandated defense for indigent defendants. Service restrictions are currently in place and we have begun refusing cases at appointment. 

We are currently seeking pro bono representation for the increasing number of clients on waitlists without representation. If you can provide pro bono representation in partnership with OPD or want to know more, please contact Kendrica Sandifer at k or 504-571-8924.

Conflict Panel - Adult Criminal Court

Orleans Public Defenders (OPD) is seeking attorneys to our private panel for conflicted cases.

Job Summary: Conflict Panel Attorneys act as counsel to clients with felony and/or misdemeanors charges in all phases of criminal proceedings, including arraignment, pretrial hearings, trial preparation, plea negotiations, trial and sentencing. The Panel Attorney is responsible for the investigation and preparation of OPD assigned cases. The Panel Attorney complies with all legal standards and requirements. Conflict Panel Attorneys are private attorneys who work independent of the main public defender’s office on a part-time contract basis in conjunction with their own private practice.


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