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As part of our Holistic Defense practice, our work doesn’t stop at the courtroom door. We work with clients to address their specific, and often significant, needs, both in and out of jail, and connect them to community services to help facilitate a successful re-entry into the community.

Shelters  -  Substance Abuse  -  Employment  -  Behavior/ Medical Care  -  Education  -  Support Services 

Below is a comprehensive list of community resources and various agencies:


Immigration Resources

If a Non-Citizen is arrested:

1.) You can find a booking picture and charges on the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office website

2.) You can call Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Hotline at (504) 827-6777.

The website above will show you if an “ICE Hold or ICE Detainer” has been issued. Whether an ICE Hold is issued or not, these are your next steps.

Non-Citizen with NO ICE Hold:  This person is still able to make bond and be released without having any interference from ICE. Be aware that an ICE hold is still able to appear on their case even after you have posted bond and they are being processed out of the Sheriff's system. This means that they will not be released even after paying the bond. Responding quickly is necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Non-Citizen with ICE hold: This person may be released to ICE custody if a “release” in the criminal case has been issued. This happens if someone posts the bond or the criminal case itself has been resolved. ICE then has 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to transfer them to an ICE Facility.


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